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Our Services

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Paintless Dent Removal

We safely remove dents, restoring vehicles to their original factory condition without affecting the original factory paint finish through a process called Paintless Dent Repair (also known as PDR)

Wheel Repair

Our wheel repair services can fix a variety of wheel damage – from peeling clear coats and damaged rims to bent and scratched wheels, our skilled technicians are able to return many types of wheels to their original condition.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration services help return the headlights on used vehicles to their former condition and increase both the appearance and resale value of the vehicle.

More Services Offered


Paint Touch Up

Our technicians utilize an advanced paint chip repair process. Technicians are able to eliminate a large quantity of small paint chips and scratches concentrated in one area without sanding and repainting the vehicle. These non-intrusive repairs, which are incredibly effective in minimizing or even eliminating paint chips from a vehicle, are reliable and long lasting.


Bumper Repair

Scrapes, scruffs, dents, scratches and gouges on your bumper take away from your vehicle's curb appeal and value.